“In a word of mouth industry, reputation is more than a matter of pride. We work hard to exceed your expectations, and that helps you look better than ever to your clients.”

Mike has had extensive experience in all fields of film and video work. Trained as a camera operator at the National Film Unit in the 70’s, then operating as a freelance Cameraman/Director of Photography since the late 80’s, has given him the opportunity to work on more than 400 productions.

Viv took on the role of Director and Editor, for the business, in the 90‘s. Her organisational, creative and interpersonal skills from 20 years of teaching, both children and trainees, are reflected in the quality of work produced by Video NZ.

Our experience ranges from working in:

Drama creations with children, corporate hui with Government departments, wildlife documentaries, technical and safety procedures, medical information productions with design and fabrication of camera mounts for specialist work.

Here are some examples of our work. There are high and low resolution versions.
If you have a slow internet connection, the high resolution versions may not play smoothly.



EP2Plough Vans
YJ Ballast Wagons

YL Side Wagons
High Res version Low Res version

The three DVDs are used for ongoing training purposes and contain detailed information relating to the features, maintenance and operation of each of the wagons; using video, audio, graphics and animation sequences.


1. This is a series of web and front of house productions - providing information about various facilities available at five locations maintained by the Trust. They are presented in New Zealand Sign Language.

High Res version Low Res version

2. Museum of City and Sea. "Maui and Mahuika" and "Ngake and Whataitai" both Maori Legends presented in NZ Sign Language to accompany a display in the museum.


AVKiwi, Weather. The footage from this production has been edited to be used as part of a powerpoint presentation and an on-line series available to aviators.

High Res version Low Res version

A production written about Helicopter Safety for Civil Aviation aimed at the public, helicopter pilots and anyone involved with Helicopters. This video is one of the modules called "The Pilot". 

High Res version Low Res version


This documentary follows the process of converting a petrol engined Toyota RAV4 to full electric.

High Res version Low Res version


An overview of the treatment, services and support you might expect when you come to the Blood and Cancer Centre. 

High Res version Low Res version


Designing and building motorcycle camera mounts to enable experienced riders to identify road hazards and to comment on riding conditions.

High Res version Low Res version


Documenting trials in NZ schools using solar PV setups and converting schools over to LED lighting. (Community project).

High Res version Low Res version

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